Rikket was formed in 1999 by vocalist/bassist/keyboardist/drummer of Mordenheim (earlier Nord) named Orkbluten Oldensorg. From the beginning this project was thought as a one-man-band presented to nature and loneliness and the music style was a mix of Ambient and Black Metal with the most rule of the first element. Burzum, Vinterriket, Ulver, Tenhi, Empyrium, Silencer and early Mortiis influenced Rikket very much. Tracks that were on «Kvist Nord Bog Ild» may be characterized like Atmospheric Trance Ambient Music, where atmospheric keyboard’s melodies and arrangements with the using of drums and percussion rule. This stuff is an instrumental work without vocals. Demo was not so bad. After this work “Balrog”, the second demo was born. This was unlucky work and it can’t be found in sale instead of bad quality and author wishes. But “Balrog” showed the new path of Rikket’s evolution. There were some more elements of Black Metal (drums) in music and there you can find the most extremely vocals. Grimly and hysterical. There we could mark such a bands like Burzum, In The Woods, Silencer, Ildjarn and early Bethlehem. “Moria Dunkelheit Av Skald” – this is the name of the third demo of Rikket. Two tracks that were on it showed that Rikket has some Pagan Metal touches. This work can’t be found in sale too instead of bad quality.
Fourth demo “Ov Vinter Kalm” brought to Rikket some interest: 10/10 in Belarusian “M” magazine and 4,5/5 in Carpathian Full Moon zine. Rikket shows on this work like a clear Ambient Black Metal with the very fast drums and most extremely screaming.
“Ov Vinter Kalm” as the two previous demos can’t be found in sale, instead of the new version of this work was wrote with the absolutely new structures of songs, named “…Зимнего Безмолвия”(“…Of Winter Calm”). On this work Rikket use Russian lyrics at the first time. Earlier lyrics of Rikket were a mysterious mixture of Norwegian and English languages. Only “Balrog” was absolutely on English.
“…Of Winter Calm” seems like a symbiosis of Pagan Metal and Pagan Ambient with the trance shamanic music and as it was before, without distorted guitars. “…Of Winter Calm” will be an interesting finding for those, who like true Black/Pagan Metal and for those, who knows a quality in experimental atmospheric music.
At the end of spring – Beginning of summer 2003 Rikket will start the recording of the debut album titled “Before The Forests Mourned The Winter Skies”. This work will be played in the vein of Atmospheric Pagan/Ambient Metal.


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